"I can't remember when Euro pop & Euro dance matured into a more sublime, but more euphoric genre we now know & call 'Trance Music'. This was in mid-90s. Times have changed a lot since. I'm not a big fan of today's commercial EDM. I like to stick to my weakness for Progressive & Vocal Trance, and my mixsets are a reflection of the same.

There are many incredible producers & remixers in all corners of the globe - and not all have earned a name for themselves yet. If you like a song you hear in my mixsets(or elsewhere), help support the artist by purchasing their tracks in AudioJelly or Beatport. Music is not meant to be free really - its a 'thing'. The hours of hard work put behind some massive tracks deserve our support.

If you're reading this, I suspect you like Trance in some form or the other. So go ahead, download & give my mixes a listen. If you love it, sign my Guestbook(helps me build a fanbase!) and purchase the original tracks if you can.

For as long as I breathe, I'll continue to spread the music of this gem of a genre called 'Melodic Progressive Trance'. Its by far the healthiest drug I've known, and you'll agree."

- Anuj